Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tim Signs Off, Through Photos

Ok - before we post Tim's sign-off, we at Stark want to say a big thanks to him and Baird for risking their hearing, sobriety and virginity to bring you, our readers, some great coverage of the gong-show that is SXSW. We hope to be down there ourselves with Tim and Baird in 2010 consuming delicious tacos and rock. And country. Tim's write-ups have been some of our favorites we've ever posted, and you're certain to see more from him on this "rag." If you haven't yet done so - be sure to check out Tim's music. He's got a great album titled Hello, Daylight in the works and is playing various dates on the East Cost. Until next time...

Heaven = '09 SX New West Party @ Club Deville

I found SXSW to be a big, hot, stinky event full of rock bands hell bent for leather to keep the bar up high high high. It was truly one of those situations akin to pizza/sex/beer, where even the bad bands were still pretty good. Writing all of this crap about these bands was really fun for me, sort of like keeping score at baseball game. I hope you enjoyed my column. Me and my attorney took some photographs we thought you might like as a cap off to Dead Drunk and Naked. Hope I get to do it again next year.

Stand Strong,

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Lake is cute.



This sums it all up.

New West's Tim Easton

Tim Easton

I'm hungry, I got a taco.

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