Monday, March 30, 2009

Goldenvoice Is Trying Its Hardest To Avoid An All Points West Sophomore Slump

...But the jury's out whether or not they'll have succeeded by the time the last throng of Coldplay fans exits Liberty State Park at midnight on August 2nd. We attended Saturday's go around last summer, and listen, there was a lot to love about the inagurual soiree -- namely, Radiohead -- but there was also a lot to kind of bitch about too. The beer thing was a fiasco for a lot of people, as was the ill-conceived matter of getting everyone out of Liberty State Park at festival's end. But mostly, the heart of the festival (read: the bands) was undeniably lackluster. (Choosing to decide who to see between Alberta Cross and Sia was the most boring dilemma ever, you guys.)

So Goldenvoice has certainly attempted to add a bit more shine to this year's lineup. Beasties, Fleet Foxes, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai and MGMT are all worthy of shelling out enough cash for at least one day. And there's comedy this year, an inclusion that makes Sunday an automatic must-see (SHOWALTER!) But Coldplay? Come on. Replacing Jack Johnson with Chris Martin and Co. does not a successful improvement make. But whatever. Chances are, we'll still be riding the Light Rail at least one of the days. 

All the info can be found at APW's official site

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