Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Call to Readers in China, We Have Free Music Too!

Alexander F. Yuan/Associated PressKai-fu Lee of Google Greater China, in Beijing on Monday.

This post goes out to our readers in the greater-Asian continents: Yeah, we see you on our analytics, and we want to see more!

Blogger, for those of you know don't know, is a subsidiary program of Google. In recent NYT news, the geniuses at Google said they will now offer free music links to China, something unavailable in any other reach of the globe. Why China you ask? For starters, over 300 million Chinese are Internet users; it is said that over 99% of the music downloads in China are illegal; and, I had to Google this, China's population stands at 1,319,175,333. Check out this sadistic site.

What does this all mean? It means that we, as an emerging blog, would love to express our non-communist-enforcing, non-illegal downloading love to our Chinese readers. There are plenty of you: Come ravage our free music, tell your friends, and return any and all the time.

Google will serve as our international liaison. Here's to corporate exploitation! Get some.

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