Monday, March 30, 2009

Brossa d'Ahir

What keeps me in this blogging game is the discovery of records such as PEP LAGUARDA & TAPINERIA's Brossa d'Ahir. This came to me not through a publicist or label, but through Other Music's weekly newsletter. While only through my first listen, its languid-folk melodies, softly-tasteful instrumentation and hushed-Spanish vocals bring you instant flashes of serenity. Maybe this is one of those records that everyone else knows about already, and I missed the boat somewhere -- I'm not a Spanish folk expert. So, it's new to me and if you haven't heard it, I hope you'll enjoy it as much I am right now. Here's a quote from Michael Klausman's Other Music review.

"It's [not] some monumentally groundbreaking artistic achievement, but that it's one of the most comfortably persuasive compulsive listens you'll ever be privy to, and one of the rare albums where I'd be astounded if the listener was not moved by it... Everyone I've played it for has been as surprised as I at how lovely it is. It's not the kind of thing that'll have to grow on you either, for it isn't particularly weird, or psychedelic, or anything like that. It's just, well, like I said, lovely. Warmly and impeccably recorded by Daevid Allen in 1976 in Deia, Mallorca, Pep Laguarda and Tapineria's only album Brossa D'ahir seems to just gently float outside of time."

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Oriol said...

Let me add that this excellent album is recorded in Catalan lyrics, not Spanish. Regards!