Tuesday, February 10, 2009

School of Seven Bells - "Half Asleep" Video - Wavves Release

Today, Pitchfork.TV debuted the newest video from one of our fave new artists School of Seven Bells. Their music is largely electronic, but crafted in such a way as to sound organic and at times even comforting. School of Seven Bells were kind enough to contribute to our 2008 Artist Choices list, and their debut Alpinisms even found its way into Vince's top 10 records of the year.

In other news...

WAVVES' second record Wavvves came out digitally today and has some nice placement on the iTunes homepage. We dug Wavves (his debut), but from our first impressions the follow-up on Fat Possum seems a bit more... polished? It's hard to call Wavves polished in any regard, but his mess of distorted noise, cacophonous drums and trashy vocals somehow has more punch to it and has a more full sound. Go figure. Just pick it up. You can also download a copy of Wavves' NY Market Hotel show HERE from Nyctaper.
Wavves "So Bored" mp3

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