Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lotus Plaza

After some burgers, beers, and a random Pavement sighting (Mark Ibold), contributor Mike Bailey and I hashed it out about the records that are doing it for us (Dan Auerbach) and those that really aren't (Lonely Dear). Lotus Plaza has Mike (and other bloggers) fairly jazzed. While I haven't heard the record yet, I can defintely say that this track from Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt's side project bodes really well for the LP The Floodlight Collective due March 24 (Kranky). While I enjoyed the Deerhunter record quite a bit, the Atlas Sound record didn't thrill me as much. It seems Lotus Plaza may soon become the Deerhunter side-project of choice around here.


Anonymous said...

this album really is amazing. I think it's better than both the deerhunter and atlas records.

Anonymous said...

it sucks to have to compare because this is by far better than the both. I would like to compare it to the rest of new music that's out there right now...and say that this album exceeds them all as well.

Anonymous said...

They all sound the same to me. Boring.