Monday, February 2, 2009

Blind Man's Colour

While we don't love giving Kanye's crazy-town blog credit for a lot, it seems he has dug up a gem with his post about Florida duo Blind Man's Colour. Perhaps it's due to our recent listening habits, but BMC recall Music Has the Right... era Boards of Canada, with their strong melodic sense and ambient yet highly layered production qualities. After some myspace correspondence, it seems that not only are BMC some stand-up folks, they are seemingly weeks (or days) away from announcing a newly inked deal with a yet unnamed label. This isn't surprising news given the strength of their myspace tracks, and the quality jam "The Warm Current's Pull" (via GVB) which we're offering you alongside the fantastic "Jimmy Dove." Blind Man's Colour will soon release their debut LP Season Dreaming. Video after the jump.

vine swinger from !!!!! on Vimeo.
After the jump.

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Blind Man's Colour said...

thanks alot :) yes we're reading our contract with a label(we'll announce that on our blog in a couple of days). expect an early summer album release!