Friday, January 30, 2009

Officially Calling Bullshit

So, not everyone at Stark always agrees on things. That's the beauty of this little site. Andrew hates Animal Collective, but others here including me, really love them. Our newest reviewer Deanna McLafferty recently wrote a mixed, but fairly glowing review of the new Bon Iver EP Blood Bank. Well folks, I'm officially calling bullshit on this EP. Here's why. The other day I saw it priced in Virgin Meagastore for $13.99. WTF. I mean, really?? It's FOUR songs. $3.96 on iTunes. Ok, this is probably more of a label thing than a Mr. Vernon thing. But the music. You have "Blood Bank" which is a fairly good tune. A B+ in my book. It could be on For Emma, but it would be mediocre at best there. The rest of the EP consists of 3 forgettable, toss-away tracks, including one devastating trip through hell courtesy of the bain of '08, the Auto-Tune machine. There is no reason except for money, that this EP should have come out. It pales in comparison to the worst tracks on For Emma. I could go on here, but I'm not. Justin Vernon is a talented fellow, and I know he is certainly better than this EP. At least I hope so.


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Andrew Daniels said...

Hey now, I do NOT hate Animal Collective. In fact, I've really come around to them on MPP. They were just dreadful live...