Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Because This Is The Supergroup We Were All Clamoring For

We're regrettably one day late on the utterly perplexing, but undeniably FANTASTIC news of a union so perfect only God himself could've orchestrated it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tinted Windows, now certifiably the most bizarre supergroup in rock and roll history, narrowly edging Oysterhead for the honor. The lineup, in progressive order of WTF-ness: James Iha, former Smashing Pumpkins guitarist, Adam Schlesinger, chief songwriter of Fountains Of Wayne, Bun E. Carlos, drummer of Cheap Trick, and Taylor Hanson of Hanson. According to Billboard, the foursome have a debut LP in the can and will make their live debut at the magazine's SXSW showcase in March. I will make the trip to Austin just for this.

The article didn't give mention as to why the group decided to hook up, but who cares? I almost feel like an explanation isn't neccessary, because we just need to accept this band as THE GREATEST COLLECTION OF POP ROCK C-LIST FORCES OF ALL TIME, no story-of-origin needed. I'm perfectly content with hypothesizing that one day Iha was bored, decided to summon his Rolodex and stick his fingers on three random entries, like kids do when deciding who to prank phone call. Naturally all the guys gave their thumbs up, and we're blessed today with Tinted Windows, a name that obviously lends itself so well to supergroupdom. One pressing question: what was Andrew Ridgely doing that was more important than joining? 

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