Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They've Got What We Need...

Quick: Math equation. One Moldy Peach + one punky femme fatale x one one-hit-wonder pop song ÷ one seedy bathroom = the most adorable Internet video you've seen all year! (Or at least today.) Buzzworthy Lissy Trullie and Adam Green got together in the bathroom of Santos Party House before her blistering set that we totally caught a couple weeks ago, and dueted on the 1990's gem "Just A Friend", from the indelible Biz Markie. (Needless to say, we like this version better.)

Check out Trullie on MySpace if you haven't listened yet. She's currently putting the final touches on her debut EP, due out early 2009. It should probably be awesome.

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Anonymous said...

why is Adam Green such a fucking loser? Death to anti-folk.