Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Music - Bosque Brown - "Went Walking" MP3


While our time is relatively brief this morning, not to mention we are still recovering from a marathon 48 hours of working/shows, we had to share this new track with you from Bosque Brown. Bosque Brown is a vehicle for lead singer Mara Miller, yet their sophomore effort Baby coming in March, promises lusher arrangements and a more fleshed-out, full-band approach. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from this record. Bosque Brown's debut record Plays Mara Lee Miller is certainly worth picking up and can hold you over till we hear more from Baby. These are sparse dusty gems that recall forgotten eras and visions of Miller's Texas home. See more from the press release plus cover art and track listing after the jump.
Acappella tracks with heavily layered vocals and echoing reverberation borrow from the sacred harp tradition and break up Baby into four segments. This reverb collapses into close vocal phrasings for other album tracks that gradually add in thick instrumentation. Lush and soaring keyboards, organs, pedal steel, and effects blend with varying drum and percussion rhythms which pace the songs as singer Mara Miller's vocals are met with harmonies from her sister Gina Milligan and guitarist Jeremy Buller. Flemmons' production selectively tweaks room effects and recording techniques to capture both the intimacy and expanse of his home recording space.

Bosque Brown
(Burnt Toast Vinyl)
Street date: March 03, 2009

1.White Dove
2.Went Walking
3.So Loud
4.On and Off
5.Texas Sun
6.Whiskey Flats
7.On and Off
8.Train Song
9.This Town
10.On and Off
11.Oh River
12.Phone Call
13.Soft Love

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