Thursday, December 11, 2008

UPDATE - Clint Eastwood Sings And Gets Nominated

Last week when I was so casually disdainful of Clint's singing voice on the score for Gran Torino, I had no idea the title song would be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.

Feeling ashamed, I listened again. Still don't like it. BUT I also watched the trailer for the film and I've decided I was far too quick to judge. Parts of the trailer are a little hokey, but dour, curmudgeonly Clint shines through, particularly with this line:

"Ever notice how you come across somebody once in awhile who you shouldn't have messed with? Well, that's me."

Not quite "Make my day, punk.", but I'll take it. I'm sorry I called you senile, Clint, you're as awesome as ever.

-Ashley Herriman - Stark Contributing Writer

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