Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New Bloody Beetroots Video - "Cornelius"


I'm not gonna lie, the video we chose for this week's On The Blog Reel will probably kinda-sorta creep you out. Either that or you'll think, "...this looks like the best party ever." Italian DJs The Bloody Beetroots have unveiled their new video for "Cornelius," the title track to the brand new digital EP released on Dim Mak last week. It's a raucous three minutes chronicling a night on the town with young twentysomethings drinking, throwing up, making out, throwing up some more, and then throwing down to the Beetroots' paranoid dance grooves. The whole thing is frenetic, uncomfortable and quasi-disgusting, but you can't turn away. Plus, every time I catch a glimpse of the masks that TBB mastermind Bob Mifo and his partner Tommy Tea are wearing, I can't help but think that Spider Man is the one throwing the rave... which, come to think of it, is an awesome idea for the next installment of that franchise. Paging Sam Raimi! Video after the jump.

CORNELIUS from borntofilm on Vimeo.

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