Friday, December 5, 2008

Facing New York Remix

San Francisco three-piece Facing New York have but one question for the titular foes in their single, "Cops On Bikes," and it's a pressing one: How you gonna bust me in them little shorts? Hmm. While we're still looking for an answer to that, you can do two things: number one, grab a free remix of the single above, and two, run out to your mom-and-pop store of choice and purchase the band's brand new album Get Hot (Five One Inc.) immediately to hear the original track and ten other groove-punk jams. (By the way, we are ALL OVER the genre tags lately...) The album is a refreshing blend of prog turns and pop sensibilities, drawing comparisons to Cursive and even a little Mars Volta thrown in for good measure. Right on! A live video of "Cops On Bikes" can be found after the jump.


Anonymous said...

mp3 link doesn't work.

Andrew Daniels said...

link works now!