Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's Time To Greek-Out! Free Album!

Okay, listen up. I'm officially coining a new genre, and if you'd like to use the term in future descriptions, you'll have to pay me one nickel every time you do: Greek-out. It's simple. It's when Greek bands, such as the entirely-perplexing Fingers Crossed play schizophrenic indie rock (...the freak out part) and wreak havoc in the process. (Oh shit! Wreak-out!) So far, these guys are the only band that fits into my newly-minted pigeonhole, but give it time... Greek-out will spread like wildfire. The first step in achieving world domination (or at least Aegean Sea domination) is listening to what should be considered the genre's first prototype: Hopscotch, the SUPER FUN AND TOTALLY FREE new album from Fingers Crossed. You can grab it by clicking on the link above; we definitely think you'll dig it. And in ten years, you can say you knew Greek-out in its infant stage. Hooray!

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