Monday, November 17, 2008

dent may
What: The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele
When: February 2, 2009
Label: Paw Tracks

Rating: 82%

Track one: Dent May welcomes you to his record. There are peaceful background harmonies, and Dent May seems happy. He sings a little tune. He is amazing.

The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele will ‘meet you in the garden,’ greet you at a dance party, wake you up in the morning, caress and cleanse you in the shower. It works everywhere. It’s tropical. It’s loungey. There are many many hooks. Girls and boys can both like it.

They say the band Animal Collective discovered Dent May in Mississippi. He wrote a song about one-man band named Howard from that state. His song is the best on the album. Dent May knows college kids who have hung around in townie bars. You know, those college kids who never leave. Or do anything. Ever. Dent May plays the Ukulele. Sometimes, all the time, it sounds lovely.

On this record, the band plays tambourines, drums and trombones. They sing shoo-be dooby, shoo-be dooby. Dent May sings like he’s not sure if he’s serious. But most of the time it doesn’t matter. He thinks he’s an alcoholic. That doesn’t matter either. Dent May is invincible. The band knows best and stays out of his way.

Dent May can probably score chicks, but he sounds lonely and blue. All he wants is to start dance parties with girls. He refuses to believe people don’t want get down. We want to go to his parties. You can’t force a dance party. Dent May sings about this universal fact. Dent May is also over being sober.

The Good Feeling Music of Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele isn’t available to most people until February 2009. We are lucky to have it. One day, you will be lucky too. Dent May won’t change the course of music history. Dent May will make you happy. He wants you to hang out with your friends. You will. Make sure you share Dent May’s music with them. You will then grab them and start dancing. You won’t have to force it. We promise. Dent May, will love you for all time.

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