Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonight - Lissy Trullie/Mark Ronson/Rumble Strips

Lissy Trullie - "Self Taught Learner" - mp3
Rumble Strips - "Time" - mp3

We've been trying to catch newcomer Lissy Trullie for a bit now, and it looks like tonight is going to be our chance. Trullie is playing Santos Party House with Mark Ronson guesting as late-night DJ and an opening set from Ronson buddies and rising British stars the Rumble Strips. We're pretty much looking forward to all aspects of tonight's line-up, except its late Monday night start time. Cough, and Adam Green. Rumble Strips at 10:30 - Lissy at 11:30. Whatever, play like a champion.

Lissy Trullie "Self Taught Learner"

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