Thursday, October 23, 2008

Julia Nunes Is F*!@ng Adorable

I've got a new obsession, and thy name be Julia Nunes. What started out as an innocent crush has blossomed into an absolute fixation; this girl has got me smitten. After a friend forwarded me a link to her cover of Weezer's "Keep Fishin", I proceeded to watch every single video on her mega-popular YouTube channel, and I've been floored ever since. Her off-kilter voice takes the best parts of a soulful Zooey Deschanel and a childish Kimya Dawson. She makes great use of the ukelele, transforming big popular indie hits into intimate desert island/dorm-room performances. She overdubs herself with perfect harmonies and a kitschy melodica, sometimes with the help of her college roomates and whoever else feels like joining in. She's refreshingly candid and insanely charming, from her infectious smile to her quirky confessions to the camera. You simply can't knock on this girl. She's even parlayed her Internet success into a full-fledged (albeit part-time) solo career, performing her great originals with the likes of none other than Ben Folds. I've included a slew of her covers below. I strongly urge you to check the rest out -- don't blame me if you spend the whole day doing so -- because this girl is a star in the making. In the words of Maeby Funke, "marry me!"

Weezer "Keep Fishing"
Spoon "The Underdog"
Bright Eyes "The First Day Of My Life"

Way more videos of Ben Folds, The Beach Boys, and yes, Kanye covers can be found via YouTube.

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