Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Voila! Just like that, Stark gets a facelift. Do you like? We've been toying with the idea of a new look for the last several months, and today we decided to act on it. The changes have been brewing in our collective minds, and we truly think that what we've come up with has enhanced and expanded the Stark we know and love.

What we're most excited about, in addition to our sleek new look, is the capability to present our new features. If you look to the right in our decked-out sidebar, you'll notice how we've listed each feature. As per request from countless readers, we've grouped posts together by feature, and you'll be able to access each category by clicking on your graphic of choice. Do you like our interviews? Check out "The Inquisition" - simply click and you'll be transported to an archive of every interview we've done in the short history of the blog. (Don't worry, many more coming!) How about concert reviews? We've got plenty. Click on "Stark At Large" and you'll automatically be whisked away to another archive full of concertgoing goodness. (And again, don't worry if it initially seems bare... we're in the process of archiving our many reviews, so in the next couple of days it will be fully updated.) We think this will make things much easier for you, no?

But for real... we're incredibly excited about the new Stark, and what the future holds for us. We've experienced our biggest week ever over the past week (thank you!) and we continue to grow every day. Keep coming back and keep your eyes peeled for new changes.

So what do you think of our new digs?

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