Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rainbow Arabia - The Basta EP - "Let Them Dance" mp3

Rainbow Arabia "Let Them Dance" - mp3
Coming from the deserts of... Los Angeles, is a new sound and single from Rainbow Arabia. This track plays out like a crazy El Guinchino-style clash of the arid sounds of Tinariwen and Yeasayer, the dance rhythms of M.I.A and the yelping of Ponytail, with a little Of Montreal indie rock thrown in for good measure. Since lengthy comparisons are often the blogger's easy way out (and kinda cliche) - I must make personal note that the sounds of Rainbow Arabia are crisp, unique and highly, highly danceable. I'm also just a little lazy this morning. Rainbow Arabia are currently prepping an October tour with Gangi and will drop their debut EP The Basta on September 2. Play the track loud in your cube this morning. You will be all the better for it.
Thanks to Terrorbird for throwing this our way. They rock.

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