Thursday, June 12, 2008

Beck Cover Art and Tracklist

Saw this floating around the blogosphere, and since today has been slow on the old Stark site I thought I'd throw it up there. I think it's pretty bitchin'. Something about the pointy rock shoes I think. Looking forward to this one. Released in the UK 7/7 (XL) and over here in the colonies on 7/8 (DCG).

1 "Orphans"
2 "Gamma Ray"
3 "Chemtrails"
4 "Modern Guilt"
5 "Youthless"
6 "Walls"
7 "Replica"
8 "Soul of A Man"
9 "Profanity Prayers"
10 "Volcano"

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Anonymous said...

i thought the information sucked - hope this will be better - any mp3s?