Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vetiver: Thing of the Past

I've really been loving the new Vetiver record Thing of the Past. I agree with Ben Ratliff of the New York Times in that there are many reasons to not like this record, chief among them the fact that covers records are often fraught with peril. Yet, on Thing of the Past, Vetiver manages to navigate these dangers by selecting obscure songs that also happen to be really good. Vetiver enlists folk icon Vashti Bunyan to give the band's pastoral folk that tinge of authenticity so many folk acts strive for today. The sound is warm, summery and downright pleasant. Thing of the Past seems to hit its mark by giving the listener the experience of discovering some forgotten record, blowing away the dust and enjoying something old for the first time (see cover art).
Enjoy the tune "Blue Driver" below.

Vetiver - Blue Driver - mp3

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tune. Happier than I was expecting from them.