Friday, April 11, 2008

Stalking 101, with Prof. Ben Gibbard

Why does watching this make me feel like I'm about to get murdered, albeit by a well-read sensitive pacific northwesterner? Death Cab for Cutie surprised just about everyone a month ago when the group unveiled its new single, "I Will Possess Your Heart", from Narrow Stairs, out May 13 via Atlantic. The song, clocking in at over eight and a half minutes, builds and builds on an ambient break beat coda and never quite climaxes. The video, unveiled this morning on MTV's Subterranean blog, most certainly achieves that same creepy vibe. The protagonist (unseen, behind the camera) follows a woman all across the world from behind, mastering her as prey until he finds the right moment to attack. But that moment never comes, in the song or the video, and instead we're left with lots and lots of foreplay. But foreplay in sub-zero temperatures. Because everyone looks really really cold.

-Andrew Daniels

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