Friday, April 11, 2008

Sun Kil Moon - April

This record deserves more than just a quick blurb and perhaps, at some point, I will give it the full review it's due. April is another gorgeous offering from songwriter Mark Kozelek. This is only his second studio record under the name Sun Kil Moon — he has recorded under many pseudonyms, most notably being Red House Painters. On April, Kozelek draws you in with his simple, calming voice, song structures, and melodies. Comparisons are difficult when it comes to this prolific songwriter. One could say he draws from Neil Young or Townes Van Zandt, yet his delivery is softer and easier, but no less beautiful. With songs that often break the 5 minute mark, some may fear the rambling nature of his songs. Yet with lines like "put on my father’s wool coat /To smell my mother’s fragrances and perfumes / To find my young brothers and sisters /To never leave or let them go" every word counts, and deserves to be listened to. I'm looking forward to listening to this throughout the spring.
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