Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So long and farewell to No Depression

Yes, I am sad to see No Depression go. Although the magazine will be survived by,, the alt-country publication says goodbye after 13-years. Will I be reimbursed for this year’s subscription fee? I don't know. Nevertheless, I will miss the magazines poorly laid out, heavily text-based pages, as well as the live concert and CD review sections. The Uncle Tupelo-inspired magazine failed to accumulate enough revenue and advertisements, forcing it to go under.

I could always relate to this magazine for some reason - perhaps it was because of the constant mention of the Drive By Truckers and Lucinda Williams, or maybe, just maybe, because they put Plant and Krauss' Rising Sand as the number two album of the year... wait, no, that’s not it.

Anyway, No Depression, we will miss you and I guess it is now up to someone else to Survey the past, present and future of American music.

I swear, somewhere I can hear the sound of taps being played quietly in the distance.

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