Friday, February 8, 2008

LAURA MARLING - "New Romantic" Video
Check out this new video from Stark Magazine's "artist to watch," Laura Marling. We've been spinning her excellent debut record Alas, I Cannot Swim , which has been released to much acclaim overseas on Virgin, which has not yet landed in the US. She plays with the delicate finger picking expected of the current crop of "indie folk" artists exploding on the scene these days - yet it's her striking vocals and lyrics that betray her real age, 18, and set her far apart from other singers.

I had the privilege to catch her at “Sidewalk CafĂ©” in New York recently. Although the performance was plagued with starts and stops (she admittedly hates performing,) her nervous fumbles endeared her to the audience whose patience was often rewarded by her great songs and captivating stage presence (when playing mind you). Enough chatter - dig the video.

5 out of 5 rave review from the Independant in the UK


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