Tuesday, October 15, 2013


We've watched the subtle complexities of the songs that make up CAVES (out now on Pupsnake / Thirty Tigers) develop during live sets and on demo recordings over the past year and change. Today, Tristen releases these fully realized tracks to the world. Bold and mature, CAVES moves beyond the girl-group harmonies, tremelo and reverb-laden guitars and strings of her excellent debut Charlatans at the Garden Gate. Yet, Tristen and lead collaborator Buddy Hughen don't miss a melodic step when it comes to the core of their songwriting. Intact are the poignant lyrics and tight hooks - that are now driven more by synth and drum machine than their more organic counter parts. With standout tracks such as "No One's Gonna Know" "Catalyst" "Gold Star" and "Monster" CAVES is compelling cover to cover, taking everything you loved about tracks like "Eager for Your Love" processing it - refining it - and making it outright infectious. Buy it HERE. Stream it HERE.

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