Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Music:: Mr. Little Jeans - "Oh Sailor"

Mr. Little Jeans. What can we say? It's been an enigmatic name dropping a smattering of tunes for the past couple years with no defined direction or end. It started with Neon Gold, the song "Angel", "Faking Gold" a few remixes including one from RAC, an EP....then it was "Rescue Song", "Suburbs", few more remixes here and there. Now, she is back with "Oh Sailor." Let's begin by saying, we were and still are fans. But something about "Oh Sailor' sounds a bit generic to us. The gang-vocal chorus, the jangled chime-laden beats...we can't quite put our finger on it, but this doesn't ever go to the next gear, the next level. You aren't popping the clutch, and ripping that thing in to the top right. It's nice. But something is flat. You tell us...

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