Monday, April 2, 2012

New Video: Mr. Little Jeans - "Runaway"

Been waiting on this one for awhile. Mr. Little Jeans is one of those mysterious acts that exploded on the scene with a big track/EP (see "Faking Gold" which we found via RCRD LBL and Neon Gold,) only to disappear...disappearance could be due to a multitude of reasons: lack of album plan, promo, and or music. But, it looks like we have a plan, music and promotion. just premiered the new Mr. Little Jeans video for "Runaway" and her debut LP is due in August.

More from the press release:
"If you haven't already heard of Mr. Little Jeans, a.k.a. Monica Birkenes, she is the small Norwegian making music that will leave you reeling. Her pop dances left of center, a curious thing of equal parts organic magic and buzzing electricity."

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