Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hanni El Khatib

Been a fan of Hanni's since last year's SXSW. He's got this throwback 50's tattooed Outsiders look - with a sound that recalls The Black Lips played through a blues filter and laced with Jack White and rockabilly. We've had high hopes for Hanni - he's got the look - he's got the cool factor - he's got a great sound - and pulls it all off live; yet, we're not totally convinced on the songs yet. The new video above directed by Simon Cahn & Ricky Saiz for his lead track "Come Alive" is again "cool" just not that thrilled with the song (at this time). We're still holding out hope that there are some standouts on his forthcoming album 'Will The Guns Come Out' dropping on the 9/27, or maybe we just need to give this track a few more spins. This guy has some serious promise. Hanni plays the Vice Mag blowout in Brooklyn tonight and Glasslands tomorrow.

9/15 - Vice Magazine Event (RSVP only)
9/16 - Glasslands (8:30pm)
9/17 - Le Grand Fooding (6-10pm)
9/17 - Mercury Lounge (10:30pm)

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