Friday, September 16, 2011

Artist to Watch: J.Viewz

We're not thrilled with the name, but Brooklyn-native, J.Viewz's (a.k.a Jonathan Dagan) debut record, rivers and homes is a well-crafted journey through today's hottest indie-music genres. Touching on aspects of 'chillwave,' lo-fi pop and slightly-ambient melodies, Dagan is able to make malleable jams that successfully meld and showcase his musical expertise. Both producer and songwriter, Dagan elicits the help of female vocalist, Noa Lembersky, who adds much-welcomed vocal depth to Dagan's already complex tracks. Since his explosion on the scene only a few weeks ago, J.Viewz has garnered features from the Wall Street Journal, as well as NPR's 'World Cafe Live.'

Dagan self-released the record at the right time, brought on the right team (Big Hassle what up?!) and is poised for continued success in a market hungry for what he is offering. Keep a clear eye.

Grab his single above, 'Far Too Close.'

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