Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jeff Bridges Self-Titled Album Debut

In a most likely poorly guided attempt at being original, we are going to hold off on any 'dude' related references in this post. No, we would like to introduce you to Jeff Bridges, the singer-songwriter. Having powerful friends can help make a powerful record, and in Bridges' case, he has a lot of powerful friends. With the help of acclaimed producer and songwriter, T Bone Burnett at the helm, Bridges found himself aside the likes of Rosanne Cash, Ryan Bingham, Marc Ribot, John Goodwin, Greg Brown and more. Combining country-roots, vocal rasp, and the ear of Burnett, Bridges does well to lay down an impressive debut in what may be a blip on this movie stars' all time accolades.

Bridges' self-titled debut drops on August 16 via our good friends Blue Note Records. Enjoy the album trailer above.

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