Thursday, July 21, 2011

Artist To Watch: The Kopecky Family Band

Kopecky Family Band // Birds

Continuing this week's trend of featuring bands bands with five or more members . . . we bring you the Kopecky Family Band. This Nashville-based six-piece met while attending Belmont University and made fans in some very high places at CMJ and SXSW. Recently inked to Dave Matthews' Red Light Management, they are currently touring is support of their most recent EP Of Epic Proportions.

The Kopeckies strike a nice balance between guitar driven alt. energy and twee guy/girl pop levity. With such a focused image (above video was actually shot at an Urban Outfitters) and powerful team behind them, don't be shocked to see this band on some big stages in coming months.

Check out for "Howlin' At The Moon" (Of Epic Proportions) and "Birds" (from 2010 EP The Disaster).

*Correction: This post originally said that band attended Butler University, which they did not. Apologies to the band and thanks to them for the heads up. I'm retarded.

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