Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear Lions: "Space Sister"

We've been digging on the few tunes we've heard from New York's Dear Lions, and we're glad to share the above track w/ you all today. There's a lot of influences at play here, from anglophile power-pop, to good old wholesome Americana. However you slice it, Ricky Lewis has some nice pipes, and with musical partner Adam Rubenstein, Dear Lions have crafted a solid EP which is out now. Just for added flavor, a few quotes from the press release:
To Lewis, the song exemplifies his personal struggles from working stiff to aspiring musician -- and more importantly the redemptive quality that only music can provide. "I wrote this song at 4 or 5 in the morning after waiting tables for something like 12 hours," says Lewis. "I was nearing the end of my rope in terms of working survival jobs, thinking about moving back home, leaving New York City. That's probably why the lyrics in 'Space Sister' have this apocalyptic theme".

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