Monday, January 31, 2011

Video Premiere: Sweet Lights' "One Day"

"After being mysteriously compelled to cover "One Day" by Sharon Van Etten a day after finally hearing her music, I soon found myself compelled to make a video. I thought I had some footage sitting around that might fit the mood.

And so it's my sister's Feb. 13th, 1985 band recital from Churchill Middle School. The opening line, "sister don't mind..." was a complete coincidence....not planned at all. Yet another reason to QUICKLY whip up videos that may not seem to make any sense at first but eventually take on meaning (if perhaps only to me). The video, like the cover, is a slow's MELLOW. And, full disclosure, both the song and video sample The Ronettes "Be My Baby".

You know where to find me, Spector...

Anyway, hope you enjoy the visual accompaniment.
Enjoy all Sweet Lights videos HERE"
It seems Shai Halperin aka Sweet Lights is making music and videos strictly for our benefit. While not true of course, his tastes certainly seem in line with ours, as evidenced by his cover of Sharon Van Etten's "One Day" a highlight from her year-end topping album Epic. We're super thrilled today to debut the new video Shai has made. The response to his last video, the Bill Cosby dance-off for "One Hundrerd Needle Pins" was stellar. So, if you haven't bought the record yet, what are you waiting for? Thanks to SVB for the mp3 host and the below video!

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