Friday, January 7, 2011

New MillionYoung: Replicants

We've been enjoying new music from MillionYoung for a few weeks now, and while it may sound trite, they are always the band that comes on shuffle and you go, "damn, who is this?" While oft lumped into the already-dead and meaningless chillwave genre - MillionYoung's new album Replicants transcends whatever tired monikers lazy writers bestowed upon them when they first hit the blogosphere several years ago. While largely the product of one man, Mike Diaz, this is no lo-fi bedroom affair. Replicants is sweeping and progressive, moving from moments of full-band rock to stolen minutes of subtle layered synth and hushed vocals. Diaz has dialed up his talent on Replicants, demonstrating he is beholden to no one genre or label. Replicants drops digtally 1/15 and physically 2/15 on Old Flame/Rix records. VIA

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