Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Video: And The Relatives -- "Hammer Down"

and the relatives - hammer down from elimfcash on Vimeo.

<a href="">cowboy jazz by and the relatives</a>

What can you say about Nashville? It is a veritable bevy of musical talent...Producing chart-topping number one artists, Country heroines, R&B soul singers, Rock legends and more. That is the Nashville people know: Broadway, Honky Tonk's, the Dolly Parton house visit, Music Row. But beneath all of that, is an amazing, underground community of musicians, most residing in East Nashville, that choose to make their mark off the beaten path. These renegade signer-songwriters, performers and musicians represent a sort of modern-day Bohemia, where they are rebelling against the established Country-music heritage of Nashville, while in tern, respecting it nonetheless.

Nashville's And The Relatives (ATR) are just such a band. You can find these guys working local day jobs and grabbing casual beers and whiskeys at the usual haunts, but there is a band there; a hard working group of guys making do with what they have at their desposal. Friends and relatives (no pun intended) are a strong source of collaboration in the ATR / East Nashville communities. Represented by Theory 8 Records, ATR join the likes of Caitlin Rose and De Novo Dahl, two Stark favorites. Available now, is ATR's newest full-length release, Green Machinery -- the video above is for a key track on the record titled, "Hammer Down" (available above) which was directed and edited by the bassists own brother. See? Enjoy what you hear, and remember to kick over rocks the next time your are in Nashville, because some of the best musicians choose to stay somewhat hidden there...even if not purposely.

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