Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We're on Vacation!

If you haven't noticed from our lack of posts in the last few days, we're on Thanksgiving vacation from the blog. Vince usually writes these, and they're generally more funny, BUT since I have great taste, I am using this opportunity to post the new Destroyer tune, from their highly anticipated new record Kaputt due January 25th on Merge. After our first cursory listens, the album is a smoother (don't call it chilled out) version of Dan Bejar's usually angular and pointed songwriting. Personally, we're really enjoying the rounded corners, and lilting melodies that are easy to listen to, but are far from easy listening. It's clear some fans will chastise the move to a more produced digital sound, but the songs are still there, and so is Bejar's one of a kind voice -- to us that's all that matters. See you next week, (you bastards).

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