Monday, November 29, 2010

La Sera; Overcoming Expectations

If you ever read this rag, or our twitter feed(s) - you know that we're not the most massive Vivian Girls, er, guys. Yet, there are only so many times one can hear a song and love it, without telling everyone about it. While we haven't heard the upcoming self-titled album from Vivian Gal Katy Goodman's band La Sera (February 15th, Hardly Art), lead single and A-side of her recently released 7", "Never Come Around" is about as charming as they come, and does well in its efforts to channel the omnipresent Phil Spector girl group sound running rampant out there right now. While not rewriting the indie/pop songbook, La Sera's new tune is catchy and quite repeatable, brining us one step closer to moving past the unforgettable bathtub interview and towards acceptance. Preorder HERE.

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