Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Been Loving: Young Galaxy

Yes. Cover art matters. It's hard to get approvals, make everyone happy. It's worth it though. I don't even think that this is one of the best covers that I've seen this year, but it caught my eye, and in the wold of a 200+ press release glut, sometimes that's what it takes. The press release references The Knife and New Order, yet, the silky smooth licks of opening single "Peripheral Visionaries" seem at odds with those qualifiers. We're completely fine with that. Dan Lissvik's (of Swedish duo Studio) production here is worth the pretty penny they probably paid for it - the sounds are imbued with tiny hooks everywhere as the song morphs and evolves into different verses and grooves. This is far from lo-fi material here, and we're loving it. Young Galaxy's Shapeshifting comes out February 8th on Paper Bag Records.

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