Monday, September 27, 2010

Canyons: My Rescue

Continuing with our love for... Australian dudes and naked chicks (?) we wanted to share another amazing track from the folks over at Modular, this time in the form of the new single "My Rescue" from Western Australian duo Canyons. Along with guys in Bag Raiders, there seems to be an amazing amount of quality content coming out of Australia right now (more than usual). "My Rescue" certainly has more of a radio-friendly pop bent to it (dare we make a Bono reference?) but the diverse instrumentation, deep-ringing piano chords, and yes, pulsing synths keep this track well to the left of middle of the road radio fodder. The 'My Rescue' digital bundle and 12", featuring remixes by Eric Duncan (Rub N Tug/Still Going), Stallions & Wooden Ships, will be out November 9th in the US with a full length in 2011. Definitely a lot to be looking forward to from this duo. Hear the track above.

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