Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bag Raiders. Yes.

Bag Raiders - Way Back Home from Modular People on Vimeo
It's not often we're moved to instantly post something. Most of the time it's like pulling teeth. We're digging deep here tonight, because we're fucking loving this new track from Aussie duo Bag Raiders, discovered (of course) on Neon Gold. Getting the hint you should be reading their blog? Anyway, Bag Raiders have an album dropping October 1 on the always amazing Modular, and this track "Way Back Home" is on it. As Neon Gold says, you would do well to check out the track "Shooting Stars" as well. Hope to be hearing more of this album as soon as possible. Bag Raiders are dropping the best synth-pop this side of Cut Copy, but there is something darkly melancholy about their music that sets them apart from a wild-drunken-dance-party this case, that's absolutely perfect.

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