Friday, September 10, 2010

Black Angels Rocking Our World

Yes, all the cool kids already love this band, shit even Letterman has already jumped on board. Good thing we don't write for just the cool kids. Moms love us too. Don't know how much our Mom (who sometimes is a guest writer) would like the thumping, blues-infused, psychedelic hammer that Austin's The Black Angles drop on their new album Phosphene Dream but it is destroying us right now upon first listen, prompting this here post. UPDATE: Destroying "me" Vince thinks it sounds like "power pop." Sure. -- Check out the damn fine single "Telephone", no not that "Telephone" above. Phosphene Dream hits stores next week via Blue Horizon, but the album is streaming in full today on MySpace Music. In case you're wondering: "A Phosphene is an entoptic phenomenon characterized by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye." So, like, trippy guys. (via)

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