Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Shall Be Released: The War On Drugs - Future Weather

For awhile, The War on Drugs existed as a mysterious band hidden behind an unearthly sounding albeit well-crafted debut LP, Wagonwheel Blues and an unpredictably boundless track "Needle in Your Eye." It was that track that defined this band for us at Stark. It was unlike anything coming out at that time: the sound was as large as Arcade Fire, but as dirty and raspy as Jay Reatard birthing a child with Pavement. That was 2008. How far have they come? If their newest single, "Comin' Through" available above is any indicator, The Drug's sophomore release, Future Weather (dropping Oct. 26 on Secretly Candaian) will reflect a different time in this band's life. They seem to have found their mature sound -- one that is as expansive as "Needle," but restrained and layered. It's clear that The Drugs are moving in the right direction after two years off the grid. If you aren't at the Knitting Factory right now watching them, catch 'em tomorrow night at The Rock Shop with Light Pollution and Xylos. For more tour dates and a full track listing, continue after the jump.

08/31/10 Brooklyn, NY- The Rock Shop w/ Light Pollution and Xylos
09/07/10 Charlottesville, VA- Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
09/08/10 Charlotte, VA- The Milestone
09/09/10 Raleigh, NC- Hopscotch Festival w/ Public Enemy, Panda Bear, Bowerbirds
09/14/10 Asheville, NC- Grey Eagle

1. Come to the City
2. Baby Missles
3. Comin' Through
4. A Pile of Tires
5. Comin' Around
6. Brothers
7. Missles Reprise
8. The History of Plastic

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