Thursday, August 26, 2010

Band To Watch: Deluka

We've surprised ourselves...somehow, as we have been subconsciously and consciously "following" the UK-turned-US electro-rockers Deluka. After playing a few games of seven degrees of separation, receiving an advance of their debut LP You Are the Night (releasing digitally Sept.21 on Vel Records) and catching the tail end of a show at Pianos a couple months ago, Deluka have seeped into our constant rotation; they are much more than a bleep on our radar these days. Fronted by the mysterious, highly charismatic and fashionable, Ellie Innocenti, a tight backing band and an energetic, iconic bassist to-boot, Deluka's infectious hooks and melodies have invaded our psyche. From tunes such as "Nevada," "Name on My Lips" and "Cascade" featured above, Deluka are a lasting finish on the palate. There is no sipping's a full on chug -- one drink leads to another and then you are drunk on your thrid show and an alcoholic by your fourth. Be sure to catch this foursome when they come to town (West Coast you're next) -- you can find us selling grilled cheese with a finger in the air, Phish-style. Are we... fans? Unknown at this point, but we do know this: Deluka are good folks and good bowlers.

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