Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 Best Lessons Learned at This Year's Jelly NYC Shows

Photo Credit - Our good friend Sheena Beaston

We have thoroughly enjoyed a whirlwind summer of Sunday concerts brought to us by the fabulous folks at Jelly NYC and Tell All Your Friends PR. ONE MORE LEFT?! We learned a few things. Did a few things we regret. Looked at a lot of pretty things. Heard some good music and some shit music. Found ourselves needing an agent to approve candid press photos. Chewed some things that energized us briefly. Learned that publicity is a fine art and rain is a bastard. And that we would never wish working the door at the All Saints Lounge upon anyone (Shelly we solute you.) This year's Jelly shows were the equivalent of going to day camp -- good times, noodle salad.

And for all that, we've decided to compile our list of the 10 Best Lessons Learned at This Year's Jelly NYC Shows:

10. Vita Coco trumps all.
9. Energy drinks should be relegated to liquid form only!
8. Lee Fields can still bring the funk and soul even in the rain, so can Chromeo?
7. The @Allsaints_ Lounge will turn you on to fashion and make you desire to date models exclusively if applicable...thanks for that.
6. The Strange Boys record well. Period.

Check out the Top 5 after the jump! Cumulative summer photos to come. Retweet this! Again, special thanks to @tayfpr and @jellynyc!

5. Everyone we know is a lush, including us and we love that.
4. Plastic Adirondack chairs can only support a certain size person.
3. Grog gets you drunk while protecting from scurvy.
2. Even the rain doesn't keep the New York Times away.
1. Mad Men is much much better when drunk.

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