Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rai Knight - "New New"

Another steal from the ever so magical Neon Gold Records Blog (it is like crack.)_Katy Perry can go ahead and take her huge cans down the winding roads of candy land. Yeah, "California Girls" has that infectious hook, but when you listen to it, you are simply uncool. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit...(you'll understand that more later.) Want to be that cool person this summer? Blast this fresh track, "New New" from Detriot's Rai Knight.  This tune does the body good. Incorporating a great backing beats equipped with repeating horn blasts, Rai Knight manages to craft a bouncy, highly-dancable pop tune driven by a crisp vocal sound. Plus, she curses throughout the entire song, and I love to fucking curse. While the track isn't the most groundbreaking in the pop realm, it shows promise and is good to put on at work and have people ask, "yo, who's this?"


DJ FOTO said...
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DJ FOTO said...

please check out the hip hop remix featuring Pat Lee!