Sunday, June 13, 2010

War on Drugs + Here We Go Magic CD Release Show @ MHOW

We're a bit late in posting this review, but last Tuesday we had the pleasure of checking out Philadelphia's War on Drugs and Brooklyn's favorite electro-rockers Here We Go Magic -- Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson was also on the bill, but we didn't get a chance to check him out. It was a celebratory show as HWGM released their newest album titled, Pigeons that day via Secretly Canadian.

War on Drugs have been an enigma wrapped in an engima; after releasing, Wagonwheel Blues in 2008 (#7 on Vince's 'Best of'" list,) aside from a few small tours, we haven't hear much about their musical pursuits. What we knew was we loved that record especially the standout tune, "A Needle in Your Eye #16" (video above.) We also love Secretly Canadian! Tuesday night, we put a face on the Drugs -- their show was rough-edged at times with finicky feedback issues and a couple missed drug hits, but the energy was there. They tended to jam on a bit in a haze of reverb heavy vocal lines and guitar riffs, but the experience was heady and ultimately rewarding for a Tuesday night show.

Hear more about the show including notes on an illuminated dimond/Here We Go Maigc after the jump.
The Drugs were nothing short of consistent, weaving their songs together to produce a great ambient feel with lots up emotional ups and downs. While their live show could still use some variable tweaks, it was good to see a band play some of our favorite tunes albeit at times meddled together too much for our liking. Keep rocking Drugs! Their new album is due this summer.

The headliners, Here We Go Magic are the brain child of Like Temple -- the man is a visionary for electro-pop riffs with a rock tinge, while at times, hitting vocal notes reminiscent of Paul Simon. Here We Go Magic took up the entire stage at MHOW with six pieces; joining them, in the background was a color-changing diamond which reminded us of Arcade Fire's stage set up with the luminescent halogen light rods. Again, we were hit with a super heady performance with lots of electro-jamming. Our one major criticism could be the liner-ness of the show, ultimate lacking that "wow" factor. But hey, people were smoking pot, grooving and feeling the vibe which, as a band, is a good accomplishment for a late Tuesday night show. We are big fans of the new record and look forward to a good summer for these Brooklynites.

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