Monday, March 15, 2010

The Seams Will Probably Melt Your Heart

Totally true. If the Shiba Inu puppies cross bred with Sally Draper and Christian the Lion, it would probably result in The Seams. The Brooklyn duo's new album, Spanish American, is Adorable City, population: these guys. The cuteness factor doesn't really detract from the music, though, which is the most I could have hoped for given the band's track record. Jonathan Lullo and Dan Shephard come from the dearly departed, criminally underrated Down to Earth Approach, which released two of the most heartfelt, midwest emo albums of the 2000's on Vagrant before calling it quits in '07. Basically, the band was the modern-day Gin Blossoms. 

If that comparison piques your interest - and it should, because hey, that band wrote some hits - then do check out The Seams. There isn't a whole lot different between Spanish American and DTEA's swan song, Come Back to You, save for a noticeably absent crunch. The nine songs that make up the album are sweet, intelligent love songs employing Lullo's earnest croon and knack for pop sensibilities. Admittedly, there's nothing earth-shattering about the duo, but sometimes you just need a little catchy pop-rock capable of making you swoon, right? 

Best news of all: Spanish American is 100% free to download, courtesy of the bitching Air & Sea Battle. If you still need some convincing before DOWNLOADING A FREE ALBUM, then by all means, check out the two mp3's we're offering above. And if you still don't dig it, then your girlfriend will. You're welcome.

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