Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Roadside Graves: "Liv Tyler"

It doesn't take much looking on this site to know our love of The Roadside Graves. Today, Stereogum premiered the video for their newest single "Liv Tyler" off of their upcoming EP You Won't Be Happy With Me coming out March 23 on Autumn Tone. Autumn Tone just reissued The 'Graves' first LP If Shaking Up Is All You Want To Do digitally with six bonus songs. An essential part of the Roadside collection to be sure. As guitarist Jeremy Benson noted in his interview with us, "Liv Tyler" finds the band incorporating more influences than simply The Band and Dylan. There are some atmospheric elements at play here, but when the Danny Federici (RIP) piano lines kick in you know the band hasn't strayed far from their NJ roots. Enjoy.

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